Science Fiction for young and old ... and its not boring. ;)

What would you do if one day you found out you had incredible abilities? Would you share it with the world? But what if you couldn't? What if outing yourself could cost your loved ones their lives? What if you found out all you knew of the world's governments was a lie? And all this power meant nothing? Because in the real world, no matter how powerful you are, governments can reach your loved ones ... yeah it's intense, like double rainbows. (Old reference I know.)

I'm William, the author of the Essence science fiction series. If you scroll down you can read the official synopses of all the books in the series, but here I'd rather tell you what they're about -- unofficially.   

Honestly, many of the action/sci-fi books out now bored me. (You know, the formulaic ones book reviewers love.) I love graphic novels and wanted to bring that sense of tension and adventure to my stories. I also wanted a story with the camaraderie of great books like Lord of the Rings, but only if it was written by someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. I didn't want to just write science fiction books for middle school readers or science fiction books for young adults. I wanted kids and adults to love this series equally, and I love the idea of fathers reading to their kids (mothers too).

I love great science fiction fantasy books of the past, but I suspect my series will not impress book reviewers or scholars of the present. The book was written to impress my son and myself. We love the action packed documentary style of writing. It follows the lives of our protagonists in real time, as they live through an extraordinary set of circumstances. The first book documents our protagonists lives when they are young. As they mature in the series, so does the subject matter - just like real life.


I'm overjoyed when I get feedback from fathers reading the series to their kids. It's how this all started, as stories to my kids. (You may recognize their names in real life if you've already read one of the books - hint, hint.) Although a book reviewer out there said their names sounded too normal. Yeah, that's because that's their real names. I cant bare to tell them we named them too normally. Maybe in my next series I'll name the hero, Harbingerisczikial. (Okay, you may have gathered I'm not a fan of book reviewers.)

I hope I've given you some sense of the heart of my series. If you have any questions for me scroll down and you can contact me directly.

Almost forgot, autographed copies are available. Get them now while I'm not famous at all, and it's still cheap.

Book 1 - Essence: The E.S.T. Org.

Running… That dark hole out in the distance, in the middle of this beautiful place, is too much of a temptation for him.

Curiosity… He just has to approach. He just has to go in.

Falling… As he tumbles, he can barely make out the glowing objects from his periphery. The fall was hard.

Darkness… But when he awakens, he can help save our future! 

Book 2 - Essence: The Pervade Org.

The Pervade Org. is a shadow division, and it will take all of their resources to stop them.

They destroyed the clones not too long ago, but now, can they stop the powerful organization that was created to infiltrate all of humanity?

Will they survive not just each other, but a new dangerous adversary?

Continue the exciting journey of our three heroes - that don’t quite know they're heroes - yet. 

About Me

I loved to write as a kid. Adults told me  I'd have no future in writing, so I assumed they were right. I studied electronics which honestly, bored me. I later started a couple of small businesses, one of which I still own today.

I read one of Wayne Dyer's books - in it he states, "Don't die with your music still in you." This quote had an impact on me, and one night I awoke at 3:00 a.m. and decided, why not start today?

The rest is in my first book series Essence. I wrote books I'd enjoy, and my kids could also enjoy. I wanted to write an exciting story, like the graphic novels I loved years ago. I tried to create characters with some pretty fascinating abilities.  I ended up writing  an action filled story with a little  heart, or Essence as I like to call it.

I truly hope you love the story as much as I've loved writing them.

I'm so happy as an adult I realized - I don't have to listen to adults anymore. Why did it take so long? :)

Dreams do come true! 

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